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I / We, the undersigned hereby sincerely and consciously declare that:


1. I / We have appointed Soham Learning or its subsidiaries and associated companies will be referred as hereafter, as my /our Education Consultant for the purpose of counseling on various education options overseas including course, country, university / college selection; admission requirements and general student visa requirements.


2. I / We further certify that SOHAM LEARNING is authorized to represent me on all matters relating to my admissions and visas and interact with the concerned University (ies) and /or Foreign mission / Consulate / High Commission on my behalf. I authorize the release of all information relating to my all applications including but not limited for admissions and student visas.


3. I / We understand that all such advice / counseling received from will be solely based on the specific information that I / We provide within the SOHAM LEARNING Student Evaluation Form; hence if limited detail is available, certain assumptions may be necessary. Further all such advice / counseling can vary considerably from case to case therefore I / We will not apply them to the circumstances of any third party.


4. I / We understand that SOHAM LEARNING process applications to All Universities / Colleges whether they represent them or not. I also understand and certify that in the event of my applying directly or through third parties, I will do so with reference to SOHAM LEARNING and will copy all correspondence, electronic or otherwise to SOHAM LEARNING. In the event of my not doing so, this Authority remains valid and the operative document superseding any other "Agents".


5. I / We have thoroughly gone through the course contents, information about the college, teaching, staff, attendance, internship and/ or work policies for international students, fee payment and refund policies, visas and immigration policies, cost of living and all other relevant information I / We think that I / We must know as an international student. I /We have directly accessed the said information directly from the college, college brochures and other concerned official and official websites. My study plan at the selected college / university is at my /our own discretion and no one responsible for the same.


6. In the interests of quality and accuracy, SOHAM LEARNING may take additional time to answer questions where of an especially technical nature or questions which require consultation with the Department of Immigration, or anyother relevant third parties.


7. All communications to and from SOHAM LEARNING regarding my case particularly regarding admission, submission of pending documents, payment of balance due, admission status, additional visa application requirements / changes, deadlines etc. will be delivered on the email id and /or telephone numbers (preferable mobile numbers) that I / We have registered in the Student Evaluation Form. I / We are fully responsible for frequently checking such messages on email and /or telephone numbers from time to time. Further I / We have the entire responsibility of notifying SOHAM LEARNING about any changes in address, email and telephone numbers including cell phone numbers.


8. Whilst SOHAM LEARNING and its Consultant(s) attempt to offer the best possible advice on student admission to the universities and colleges however the laws, policies & fees relating to the admissions and visa are subject to frequent change and without notice and for this reason no responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of information provided by SOHAM LEARNING and / or its the consultant as it is also influenced by the third parties, any errors in the guidance and information provided, typographic or otherwise.


9. I / We are fully responsible for the submission of all necessary documents in ORIGINALS, including my/our National Passport(s) and / or copies in both hard and/or soft version, as and when required by SOHAM LEARNING to process my /our application for admissions, student visas or any other application that forms a part of my overseas study plans. And, I / We fully authorized SOHAM LEARNING to retain all such documents for the entire period of time set by them. Further, it is my /our own responsibility to also provide SOHAM LEARNING any additional documents in ORIGINAL and /or copies, if required from time to time and that would enhance the merit or quality of the application as sited by SOHAM LEARNING at its own discretion.


10. All documents submitted directly or through my/ our representative to SOHAM LEARNING in ORIGINALS and / or copies in both hard and/or soft version are true, authentic and are directly procured from the source by me / us. SOHAM LEARNING in not responsible in any manner, whatsoever for the edition, deletion or credibility of all such documents. I / We understand that submitting false, misinterpreted or fake documents are against law and will invite legal actions against me / us. Further, I / We will be solely responsible for all the consequences arising out of any such legal actions.


11. I / We, understands and accept that the approval of my /our student visa application is purely at the discretion of the foreign mission / immigration department and the approval of my /our Visa is purely at the discretion of the concerned High Commission/ Embassy / Consulate of Foreign mission /agency. SOHAM LEARNING hereby provides processing services, which increases the chances of approval. SOHAM LEARNING, in no way, guarantees that the client will receive Visa from the High Commission/ Embassy / Consulate of Foreign mission/agency.


12. SOHAM LEARNING does not and cannot make any guarantees in relation to the approval or validity of any visa application made by you or by SOHAM LEARNING on your behalf. The power to grant or refuse visa applications vests solely with the particular embassy of the country which the student is desiring to go or any other government department authorized by law.


13. The time period referred by SOHAM LEARNING for providing its services in terms of university admission and visa is an estimate only and SOHAM LEARNING will not be liable to any Client or third party if these estimated time periods are not met for any reason.


14. During the entire process of my desired overseas study plans, I / We will be fully responsible for any extra expenses occurred like increase in application fees, tuitions / course fee, visa application fees, air ticket fares, Indian or foreign government taxes etc. for which SOHAM LEARNING has no direct influence or any control to waive of them.


15. I / We accept to pay the tuition fees mentioned in the letter of offer from concerned overseas colleges / universities. I / We understand that all such fees are fully NON- REFUNDABLE once the student visa is issued.


16. Processing / consulting fee, if at all paid by me / us will not be refunded in ANY circumstances. In the event of nonpayment of fee or delay in payment of any installment or submission of any document to SOHAM LEARNING as required by within a period of 30 days, the case would be put under voluntary abandonment and SOHAM LEARNING will not be liable to process the application further.


17. I / We acknowledge that as part of the process, various additional fees will apply including but not limited to visa application charges, English language tests, other competitive examination fees, medical assessment fees and document certification costs. These fees are not payable to SOHAM LEARNING, but directly to the relevant body providing that service. I / We also understands and accepts that NO refund for fees will be given if I / We withdraws / abandons my / our application or decide to drop out, due to any reason, during the proceedings after I / We signs-up.


18. Once admitted to a university/college and successfully procured a student visa for the same, I / We shall represent and maintain the highest possible interest of SOHAM LEARNING at the recruited college / university and will not act in any manner that would directly or indirectly harm the reputation of SOHAM LEARNING.


19. In no event will SOHAM LEARNING be liable to me /us or any other person for any remote, indirect, consequential, special or incidental damages, including without limitation, damages resulting from loss of data, loss of profit or business interruption. This limitation will apply even if SOHAM LEARNING has been advised of the possibility of such damages. SOHAM LEARNING expressly disclaims all and any liability to any person in respect of anything and of the consequences of anything, done or omitted to be done by any person in reliance, whether wholly or partially, on the whole or any part of the contents of answers or other information provided by SOHAM LEARNING


20. I / We acknowledge that I /We have exercised and relied upon my /our own skill in determining whether the Services provided under this Agreement meet my /our particular requirements, and that I /We have not relied on any statement or representation made on behalf of SOHAM LEARNING.


21. SOHAM LEARNING reserves the right to terminate its services to me / us, in any of the following situations, if there is any belief that I /We have provided false or misleading information; and in such case SOHAM LEARNING is not liable against legal action either from me /us or any third party. In this event all cost towards legal expenses will be reimbursed to SOHAM LEARNING by me/us only.


22. I / We have carefully read and understood the full contents of this declaration and in case for portion in part / full that has not been understood has been translated to me /us in Gujarati / Hindi

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