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A Well-curated Course For You to Achieve the Best.

Our team of trainers makes sure that you gain the skills and competence needed to crack the tests and achieve the highest score.

PTE Intensive

Prepare in just 20 days and get results in 5 days.
If you are planning to give PTE Academic exams at the earliest and desire a sure shot chance of scoring good bands.

  • Coaching by Certified Trainers

  • 100% online lectures

  • Personalized Speaking & Writing sessions

  • Mock tests with follow-up critical feedback sessions

Course Overview

This is designed for the ones who are planning to give PTE Academic exams soon. The test format is quite easy, and is usually taken by applicants racing against the admission deadline. That’s why we have designed this intensive crash-course for those students who need to have their scorecard in a month.

Our Approach

Soham Learning follows a structured approach to help students gain language skills, especially Grammar essentials, and increase exposure to the language. Our trainers provide critical feedback, strategies and tips to help you achieve the best score through this PTE Intensive course. 

Benefits for the student
  • Assessment of their current proficiency test to determine their experience-level in the language.

  • Personalized lessons as per their level and capability.

  • Flexible coaching timings with online/offline sessions.

  • Critical feedback needed to build on writing and speaking skills.

  • Register with us to show your interest.

  • One of our experts will get in touch with you and assess your level and capability.

  • Time will be set between you and your trainer to attend 3 demo sessions.

  • If you decide to go ahead, then a customized training course (depending on your strength and weakness assessment) will be designed, and between you and your coach you will decide on days and timings for the sessions.

  • If all goes well till here, then you pay the fees and your training starts.

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