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Study in New Zealand

New ideas, new insights - Study in New Zealand to experience an innovation centric education. Work up to 3 years after studies.


Know About New Zealand

We understand when we are going away from family and that too aboard you have so many questions in your mind? Curies to know about New Zealand: Here find some useful information about NEW ZEALAND

Education System

Every country has its own education system. Have a glance how NEW ZEALAND Educational System Work so that you can prepare yourself as a good student.



NEW ZEALAND has Top ranked universities. Find out top ranked universities, popular courses which are in demand and apply in your favourite university, college to secure your future.

Admission Requirement or Eligibility

Find out eligibility criteria to enter in NEW ZEALAND university. Here is the general admission requirement to take admission in NEW ZEALAND 



What will be the cost of your education in NEW ZEALAND? Know about What will be average cost for your studies and average living expenses in the NEW ZEALAND

Post Study Work

Want to work in NEW ZEALAND after your study. Know the career opportunities in the field of your specialization. It will give you a prospective of your future and dream. 


Work Permit for Students

Want to work while studying in NEW ZEALAND? Know more about student working hours, internships, and other requirement for the work. 


Not only universities as well as New Zealand government provide scholarship to international
Students. Know more you are eligible for scholarships.


Student Visa

We have 10 + years’ experience in the NEW ZEALAND student visa. Know the document requirement for visa, Council with our experts and go through the hassle free visa process. 

Dependent Visa

Want to settle in NEW ZEALAND with family after education? check the documents and eligibility list to apply for a dependent or family visa on tier 4 student visa.



Going abroad is like a dream come true. Adapting a new lifestyle and culture is sometimes a little bit difficult sometimes. Know about the culture and lifestyle of NEW ZEALAND so that you can enjoy your student life over there.


Process Flow

All set for NEW ZEALAND now. Know the smooth, hassle free process from shortlisting of university, college, IELTS training till visa approval.

yes, we are with you on every step of your visa process


We are partners on your dream journey.

Free Services

Check out free services provided by Soham Learning

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