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About Us

Soham Learning is an international education advising agency involved in helping Indian students getting admitted in top-notch colleges and universities located in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Europe.

Based on holistic evaluation, we advise aspiring students and their parents on a range of matter related to course, college or university, eligibility, cost and career outcomes.

We offer an array of services to students including facilitation of admissions, student visa and test (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE) preparation.

Sandhya Pillai


Sandhya Pillai, along with her husband, co-founded Soham Learning in 2017. Before that, she worked for over 10 years with a leading German MNC, where her focus was on meticulously documenting crucial export and import information. The high stakes of her role made her extremely detail-oriented and diligent in her approach.

The business acumen and expertise she developed during her years at the MNC, were brought to Soham Learning, and has contributed significantly to its success stories. Soham Learning was born with a simple mission: to transform the dreams of studying or visiting abroad into a smooth, seamless journey. Sandhya knows how tiring and intimidating the overseas process can be,so she and her team focus on making clients feel confident and supported.

At Soham, Sandhya leads a team of consultants and advisors and personally oversees each and every aspect of the client's international journey. From assisting students with complex college/university applications to guiding them through the formalities of study and visitor visas, and even facilitating travel arrangements and accommodations overseas, the team ensures all documentation is meticulously handled and submitted on time. Soham Learning takes pride in covering the A to Z of abroad experience, all conveniently under one roof. 


Sandhya firmly believes that Soham Learning goes beyond merely providing services; it serves as a support system for an individual’s global aspirations. She and her team are just a call away from becoming an integral part of anyone’s international journey.

Prashant Pillai


Prashant Pillai, is a seasoned people skills trainer and consultant with over 20 years of experience. He leads Sharanam Transformative Learning, a training company dedicated to enhancing the soft skills in employees of both small and large enterprises.

At Soham, he uses his bespoke coaching and consulting expertise to mentor students, ensuring they make well-informed, life-altering decisions. With a wealth of knowledge, he conducts regular career counselling sessions in schools and colleges across India.

As a mentor, Prashant assists students and their parents in carefully weighing the pros and cons of colleges, courses, and careers abroad and walks them through every aspect of their study abroad decisions. He provides personalised guidance, helping students with university shortlisting and scholarship opportunities. He guides students in obtaining the right recommendations, crafting compelling Statements of Purpose (SOPs) tailored to their unique personalities and educational backgrounds while also preparing them for university interviews.

Prashant loves travelling. His passion for exploration adds a unique dimension to his mentorship, allowing him to provide students with valuable insights and a well-rounded understanding of international education experiences. With him, students can embark on their study abroad journey with confidence, knowing they have a supportive and knowledgeable guide by their side.

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