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An Academic Transcript & Its Usage

A university transcript is also known as an academic record, a diploma supplement, a declaration of learning, a record of achievement, or anything else similar. It should include a list of all the modules or subjects you studied each year, as well as the grades or marks you received for each, as well as the credit value and level of each. It should be on official letterhead paper and stamped or signed by the register of your prior institution. If you don’t have an academic transcript, you’ll need to seek one from your prior university.

Every university requires transcripts from high school and college to determine a student’s academic standing and performance at their previous institution. It’s a detailed analysis of your academic performance throughout your bachelor’s or master’s degree. It comprises all pertinent information about the courses you completed, as well as the grades you received in various topics and the overall average of all semesters. This blog by One Window covers everything you need to know about academic transcripts.

Components of an Academic Transcript

Your current/previous academic institution may offer academic transcripts to verify and acknowledge the courses you took and the grades you earned. The transcript is generally formatted in the following way by all institutions:

  • Accreditation of the Academic Institution

  • Name of the Issuing Academic Institution

  • Name of the Student Roll Number/Identity of the Student Degree Awarded

  • List of Courses Completed Marks/Grade Achieved in Each Course

  • The total number of marks/grades obtained

The issuing authority must stamp and certify the document. Students must file a formal request for their academic transcriptions with the college administration, depending on the institution/university process. To obtain an official transcript, you must pay the stipulated costs and provide the needed documentation. Colleges can take up to 14 days or more to process your application, so be sure you submit it on time. Some institutions may need you to pick up your transcripts in person from the administrative office.


Academic transcripts are one of the most significant documents required for admission to schools, institutions, and universities in the United States and abroad.

An Official Academic Transcript is a foremost way to assess a student’s scholastic history, including earlier qualifications, grades, and the establishment from where he attained his previous education. Therefore, it is mandatory for the students to keep track of and save their academic transcripts keeping in mind their future endeavors.

Students are needed to upload/ submit certain obligatory papers when filling out the application form for admission to higher education institutions, and an Academic Transcript is one of them. None of the higher education institutions will admit a candidate without an official academic document.

Scope of Academic Transcripts Academic transcripts are one of many documents that a student must provide to an academic institution to study abroad. While different nations have distinct educational and grading systems, while evaluating admissions, institutes normally convert the grades/marks received by students into an acceptable format. As a result, the academic transcript is required to determine a student’s marks and grades for admission purposes. There are a few things that students should bear in mind while submitting their Academic Transcripts to a foreign college. Listed below are some of them:

  • The document must be easy to read and understand.

  • The document’s information must be written in English. If it is written in a language other than English, the student must have it translated into English.

  • The final academic transcript must be official when it is submitted to the university.

  • There must be no grammatical errors in the transcript.

  • All of the information in the transcript must be accurate. Candidates should double-check it when picking up their transcript from the school.

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